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editing services - proof corrections by callie

Proof Corrections by Callie

Proof Corrections by Callie

Proof Corrections by Callie

 Callie Walker is a proofreader who specializes

 in books to be self-published. 

Fixing incorrect grammar, misspelled words, inconsistencies, and improper punctuation, 

she wants your readers to see your 

heart, not the errors. 

If you're ready to take the final step before publishing, message Callie at Proof 

Corrections by Callie.  


Crit & Pen Editorial

Proof Corrections by Callie

Proof Corrections by Callie

You’ve got a great story, but even the most talented writers need a second opinion. 

As developmental editors for all things weird

 and what-if, we know the speculative fiction genres inside and out.

Dragons? We’ve got you covered. Steampunk? Bring it on. Something no one has ever seen before that you're ready to introduce to the world? 

We'd be honored to help.

Whatever your story, we’re here to help you polish your draft and make your manuscript ready to sweep the literary world off its feet.

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